Medieval Games

Each year for fourteen years now, Dale and Diane Jacobson have hosted the Medieval Games at their dude ranch just outside Nevada City. Last May 13, over two hundred sixth graders from Waldorf or Waldorf-inspired schools attend the games, from as far away as Chico, Georgetown, and Sacramento. The Medieval Games culminates a year of study about Medieval times and culture. Yuba River Charter School in Nevada City coordinates the Games. Each year the parents of the sixth-grade class produce the event, a year-long project which culminates in a day of outdoor adventure and camaraderie. The Games begin at 8 a.m. and end about 4 p.m. Students are divided into six Shires. With their Shire, they face and conquer challenges on the grounds: javelin throw, archery, wall climb, catapult, long jump, pontoon walk, and tug of war. Below are photographs from the 2011 Medieval Games.

Students from Alice Birney Waldorf School march into the opening ceremonies. Photo by Nichols Baughman.

Yuba River Charter School alumni graced the Games this year. These two young thespians remained in character throughout the day, selling mysterious potions and gems. Photo by Nichols Baughman.

Students try to clear the mud pit during the long jump. Sometimes it's more fun not to make it. Photo by Ryan Love

Students from Hampshire take their turn at the javelin throw. Photo by Nichols Baughman.

Solomon from Yorkshire navigates the pontoon bridge. Photo by Ryan Love

Yorkshire: archery. Photo by Nichols Baughman

Each Shire competes against another in a tug of war. Here members of Nottinghamshire lose the battle against Berkshire. Photo by Ryan Love

Berkshire defeats Nottinghamshire in one round of tug of war. Photo by Ryan Love

Going for it! Jesse from Yorkshire takes flight. Photo by Ryan Love

Students from Yuba River Charter School. Photo by Ryan Love


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