A Walk Along the San Pedro River

Photographs from Abbey Country

“It pleases me, loving rivers.”  Raymond Carver

The San Pedro River flows north from Mexico into southeastern Arizona.  It is one of the last free flowing rivers in the Southwest.  At the San Pedro River Riparian National Conservation Area in Cochise County, the river winds through a grove of cottonwood and willow trees at the juncture of four distinct geologic zones.  I visited the San Pedro about a month before locals expected summer rains, and at times it was reduced to a healthy trickle. (My friend in Bisbee said he’s recorded 17/100ths of an inch of rain since October, 2010.)  Below are some images I captured along the San Pedro in mid May, 2011.

Looking from San Pedro House toward the river.

The San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area is visible for miles around: a luscious green strip of cottonwood and willow in the midst of the high desert.

lone, brave thistle flowers in the high desert wind

Suddenly, an oasis.

a little rapid, and it made a lively gurgle despite the algae

Green Kingfisher Pond is an old sand and gravel quarry.

One of the many giant cottonwoods gracing the San Pedro. Some measure over 35 feet around.

The San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area is visited by birders the world over. The Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory (SABO) bands hummingbirds here in the spring. Next time I visit I’ll try to bring a birder friend and get some photos for you.


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  1. Al

    Love your captures of the San Pedro River!

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