Hair-Razing Event at Wild and Scenic!

Nevada City, California

For many years now, residents of Nevada City have understood that people can save a river. Lately, California budget assaults on Yuba River State Parks have spearheaded a new campaign of activism; local students have been gathering signatures and lobbying in Sacramento. This year, as the Wild and Scenic Film Festival celebrates ten years of environmental activism–in our area and around the world–activism remains as pivotal as ever in saving the Yuba River.

On Friday the 13th of January, at 5 p.m., three brave men met at the Bel Capelli salon in Nevada City. Their mission: to shave their heads in accordance with an agreement they made to the community. Activists to save local state parks, Shawn Garvey, Robert X. Trent, and Mike Mooers agreed to shave bald if area residents gathered at least 1,000 signatures to save Yuba River and Malakoff State Parks. A few minutes after five, SYRCL’s Miriam Limov showed up with the latest count.

Miriam's notes show the signature count as of 3:30 p.m. Students collecting signatures chimed in that they'd gathered at least 50 more names since then.

Shawn Garvey, right, discusses with Mike Mooers whose head will be shaved first. Robert X. Trent is behind Skyler, one of the student activists who has been gathering signatures.

Robert Bergman, former mayor of Nevada City, looks on. Robert X. Trent is on the right, awaiting the shave.

The Grant Farm's Shawn Garvey ends up going first.

The crowd chanted "Yuba! Yuba!" during the shave.

Almost done!

Mike Mooers from Wicked Good Copy takes the chair.

The crowd cheers Mike on!

Nervous, Robert X. Trent?

Sierra Commons's director Robert X. Trent negotiates about keeping the sideburns. This is vetoed.

All done--but wait. Former mayor Robert Bergman is inspired to join the party!

Handsome fellows! From left to right: former mayor Robert Bergman, Wicked Good Copy's Mike Mooers, The Grant Farm's Shawn Garvey, and Sierra Commons director Robert X. Trent.


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