NC Classic Cafe at Wild and Scenic

Nevada City, California

As central as the films are here at Wild and Scenic, the community-centered nightlife is also a vital part of the festival experience. At Nevada City’s Classic Cafe I found a capacity house enjoying wine, French cuisine, and the eclectic sounds of Beaucoup Chapeaux. The cafe is like a little magic portal that awakens not only our senses, but our sense of appreciation as well.

Festival goers grab a bite at Nevada City's Classic Cafe on Broad Street.

Cafe owner Genevieve Crouzet delivers tapas to her customers.

Enjoying a crepe at the Classic Cafe.

Beaucoup Chapeaux tours the cafe. They play here regularly.

Beacoup Chapeaux from left to right: Luke WIlson, Murray Campbell, Maggie McKaig.

Maggie McKaig and her accordion.



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2 responses to “NC Classic Cafe at Wild and Scenic

  1. Thanks Carolyn! It was great to have you there, and very happy to hear that you enjoyed yourself! You’ll have to come back some night when we’re all there, which won’t be until the first Friday in February.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. I’ll be there the beginning of Feb to see Beaucoup Chapeaux! Oooooh la la!!

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