On Being Asked: Who Is Coyote Woman?

In the 1990s, the Coyote Women were frequent performers on the San Juan Ridge. I was one of the few “townies” the women invited, and I was honored to be included. I’d like to gather some names and memories from others who remember this time in our artistic history. If you can help, please leave your details and memories in the comments below or write me at lightcapfarm@gmail.com.

She knows where she lives and how to get there
from any of the six directions.
Coyote Woman knows her needs,
creates paths to meet them on her own behalf.
She offers no apology for what she feels
and states only what she means.
Coyote Woman hones a passion,
bathes it with her tongue on the earth floor of her den.
She howls in the throes of love,
snarls at unkindness,
flips a playful paw at folly.
Coyote Woman can’t stop growing.
Each year her fur is thicker,
heart larger as she greets the moon.

Carolyn Crane



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4 responses to “On Being Asked: Who Is Coyote Woman?

  1. I love your poem! I wish I had been able to witness you amazing women back in the day. Is a revival on the front?

  2. Coyote women
    so long silent
    watching the men leave nightly
    doors crashing shut
    now is our time
    come leave your den
    the pups sleep sound
    follow through forest dark
    meadow beckoning


    now is the time
    grow paws
    howl at the moon
    voices rising
    howl the breakfast uncooked
    howl the dirty windows
    lovers here and gone
    children crying

    howl the bleeding earth
    broken bodies
    countries friends
    howl the moon rising
    unleash the passion
    so long silent

    the time is now

    howl for life

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