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One Sunday Morning at the Farm

“Sunday morning
You’re doing your thing
And I am doing mine
Speaking words
More a formality
Cuz we can feel we
Are of one mind
Sunday morning” –Ani DiFranco

I got up a little before the man today, ground up the last of the coffee that was out on the counter. (Usually I’m an Earl Tea lady, but I’m out right now.) I headed in for my second cup of joe an hour later, took the new bag of beans out of the freezer, and read with horror “Caroline’s Coffee: Sumatra DECAF”. Uh oh. Who bought that? Could have been him. Could have been me. We need to learn to bring our reading glasses in to SPD.(The box of decaf Earl Gray ensconced on the tea shelf is proof of that as well.)

The man is up now, pouring the beans into the grinder as I write this. Will he read the label? Will his Sunday morning be compromised? No, apparently not. He’s pouring the water, munching on little spicy rice sticks while he waits for his java. He makes his coffee strong. Maybe enough caffeine will make it through the portal.

I wonder when he’ll notice, or if he will. I’m not going to tell him. But I am going to buy some more Earl Gray tea. Very carefully. With attention.

It looks real enough.



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